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Lyle's Laws Cover

  • See what is there, not what you wish for.
  • If you do things for the right reasons, you will probably do the right things.
  • Who you are is revealed by what you do when you are absolutely certain that no one will ever know you have done it.

These are just a few of the life principles explored with humor and humanity in the pages of Lyle’s Laws. Drawn from decades spent in academia and industry, each of the 40 concise chapters offers insight into another aspect of life and work. The author brings a very personal dimension to his commentary by sharing anecdotes about growing up on a farm, parenting three children, and traveling the world. Without preaching, he offers ideas on—and acknowledges the challenges of—conducting oneself appropriately, making good decisions, and navigating tough times.

Educators and students will find Lyle’s Laws to be a useful guide for courses on professional ethics and career preparation. Less dry and formal than a conventional textbook, but with sufficient structure and focus to form a program of study, the book will resonate particularly strongly with those in the engineering and design professions, and managers in any field. The casual reader from any walk of life will find it thought-provoking and entertaining—and will be likely to pass it on to a friend.

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